The whole truth to sex hormones - Is it real?

Sex hormones are synthetic hormones. Synthetic hormones contain the same chemical formula as the naturally occurring hormone. The difference between a synthetic and naturally occurring hormone is that a synthetic hormone is created in a lab, which is more expensive and takes a lot longer than a natural hormone. In the past, there were not many hormones available for purchase. Now there are many more. Because of this, the best sources of sex hormones can be hard to find. Many companies sell these hormones on-line or through other means, but not all of them do. The only companies that I have found that I have trust with are Dr. James F. Hays and Dr. William M. Hines, both of whom have extensive knowledge about hormone therapy and many other topics. Their websites are full of excellent information, and you can contact them via email or their website for further information. I use both of these websites to research hormone treatments, because the doctors have done extensive research and research.

Dr. Hays was the first man I ever met who told me how the hormones he sells can work for me. I was amazed to learn that he is a licensed and board-certified physician.

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